Wooden Pellets

This is our flagship product that keeps a whole team of QC-managers busy every day. We manufacture pellets from wood waste and debarked pine logs on two production lines. We tightly control every step of production, run quality test in our in-house lab every hour and report to the EN+ inspection organization regularly.

Our pellets are in conformity with EN+ A1 standard and we put our money to where our mouth is by printing our name and our EN+ A1 number on our 15kg bags.

We always think about YOUR clients while producing our pellets. We devised a perfect density of the plastic to make sure that the bags do not rip open in the process of loading, transportation, unloading and pallet unwrapping.

The best recognition of our efforts is to discover that some of our wholesale buyers use our pallets in their own homes. This is a kind of trust we strive to instill!

No matter what kind of packaging you choose – 1T big bag, transparent bag or labeled bag with EN+ logo – you can rest assured that you’ll get the same uncompromised quality.

Our production capacity is 1500-2000 T / month.

Our EN+ A1 certificate is here

Pellet test results can be found here (Austrian lab) & here (Danish lab)